News from Normandy!

Hello everybody! It’s been a while, uh? More than a month! Well, I’ve been very busy with my internship and since it’s confidential, ther’s nothing I can say on this blog. The only thing that I can say is that there are 33 days left before leaving for Germany! Oh, by the way, let’s talk about Germany!

My future in this letter!

The application process for a job in Germany is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY different than the one for an internship in the US! There was almost nothing to do once I knew I was hired! Well, there are still papers to fill out, but way less than for the US. This is mainly because I stay in the European Union, and therefore there is the free movement of persons. By the way, this is why I think the Brexit was a bad idea. I am a pro-European and I think it’s better to be united than divided.

Back to the main topic of this article! So this week I received my work contract (my first work contract ever!), I signed it and sent it back. This photo was taken on Tuesday and just a few hours before writing this article, I saw that it was received and accepted without any problem! That’s so cool! My professional life is about to begin!

letter VIE

My first job is in this enveloppe!

Things to do for the next weeks

The other thing I need to do is having a medical clearance filled by a doctor. And the last thing to do related to this work will be a training day in Paris for all of those who found a job with the same program as I did (see below). This day will be mainly about administrative stuff, like social security for example.

As for my current internship, all of my direct managers are on holiday at the time I am writing these lines. So the next 3 weeks will be more calm than the previous ones! I will use this time to write my internship report, and prepare my oral defense for this internship.

By the way, can you tell us more about your type of work contract?

Oh, that’s nice to ask, of course! My work contract is a VIE, which is a French acronym that stands for Volontaire International en Entreprise. There is no litteral translation in English, the closest one is International Intern in a Company, but to me the word Intern is wrong since I won’t be there as a student. Anyway. Here is a definition provided by CiviWeb :

The V.I.E. (international intern in a company) carries out his/her assignment in a French company operating overseas. Interns can work in a variety of domains e.g. sales, technology or science. […] Assignments are between 6 and 24 months renewable up to a limit of 24 months. The current average length of a V.I.E. assignment is 18 months.

In my case, I will work for a German subsidiary of Akka Technologies called MBtech. I don’t know what I can tell about my missions, so I’ll be general and say that I will do computer simulations for a car maker. Why did I choose Germany? Well, for several reasons :

  • First, this was where the job was, and there was nothing specific to hold me from going to Germany
  • Germany is a very popular country (this is the 3rd destination for VIEs after the US and Belgium)
  • As most people know, the automotive industry in Germany is very strong
  • And I used to speak German for 7 years, but stopped for 5 years, so I feel like it’s a good opportunity to reactivate these skills!

So to sum up : A VIE is a short mission (1 year in my case) for a French company operating overseas. And in my case, I chose Germany for my first profesional experience!

That’s it for this week! I don’t know when the next article will be, I’ll probably do one more when I go to Paris for the training day, so by then, I wish you all the best and I’ll see you soon!

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