Hi everybody! After a long period without posting anything, I am happy to publish this post! I have found the next step after my internship!

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My internship is good, but …

For those who don’t know, I am currently doing my end-of-studies internship right now. I don’t talk about it because the subject is confidential. The project is really interesting and challenging, so I am learning tons of things, but the problem is that I miss working on core acoustics. Which is why I initiated the 160-HOURS PROJECT to think about the next step.

Some good news, and some Chinese Puzzles

After 42 hours of research, I had 4 different offers, each one as interesting as the others. It was very hard to make a decision and for two of them, I hesitated during a long period of time. Usually, I am not that tormented when I have to make a decision, but this time, I emailed as much people as I could to have their opinions. And finally, I made my decision.

A new experience abroad!

I have decided to go to Germany! I have chosen a 1-year contract with an Original Equipment Manufacturer that works with Daimler (Mercedes-Benz). I am very happy because it will be another experience abroad, and in a industry that faces new challenges (self-driving cars, electric cars, …) that can have impact acoustics and vibrations.

Saying yes to the German company was good, but I had to say no to the other offers, and that was very difficult, especially when someone made efforts to support my application and that I have to say no at the end. But I tried to make the best decision to be coherent with my overall goal: Going back to the US within the 5 years after I graduate from my engineering school.

I would say that it took me about 50 hours to get the job, and now I am working on the paperwork to find a place to live. So if I did it in 50 hours, everybody can do it!

What’s next for this website?

I actually don’t know … yet! Currently, it’s very hard to talk about what I am working on because even if it’s interesting, it remains condifential. Maybe I’ll be able to talk about my job in Germany later on =)