Innovation in Acoustics

Hello everybody! I haven’t published anything last week, but know that the 160-HOUR PROJECT is still going on. It is just in stealth mode. I should be able to let you know about it in the following weeks! This week, I would like to write about innovation in acoustics using the example of a company that I discovered last summer: AirHush.


For those who don’t remember, the original goal of this website was to help me find an internship in the US. I did and during this internship, my manager did a lot to connect me with professionnals in the field. I had the chance to talk to consultants, to engineers, and to clients, or to manufacturers. But I also had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Jim Pilaar, who was about to release a new product in the acoustics market


I am always cautious when I hear the word “innovation”. Sometimes, what is presented as a revolution is simply an evolution. So when I was told about this new system that could isolate you from unwanted sources of noise, I wanted to know more about AirHush.

AirHush is a company that patented a technology called ISAT, which stands for Inflatable Sound Attenuation Technology. Behind this acronym lies a simple idea: Using air as a way to attenuate sound. Wether you are a musician who doesn’t want the sound to annoy your neighbours, or someone in an open space who wants to have some privacy, AirHush can help.

Air is known as a good acoustic insulator, we learn that at school. This is one of the reasons our offices have plenums for example (not the only one of course, but one of them). However, I see the innovation in the fact that AirHush systems are inflatable, and therefore you can arrange the panels the way you want so as to have the result you want. And since the original version is made of translucid materials, it doesn’t block light.

The other benefit of using inflatable panels is that they are shipped deflated. Therefore, they take less space and so they pollute less. We all know that the future of our planet depends on us, and this is a smart way for a company to do its part.

In practice

I had the chance to test the first AirHush system during my internship. West General Acoustics, the company where I was working at, was close to a major road in San José. My office was not close to the road, but the president’s office was, and she often said she missed her old office because of that.

When Mr. Pilaar came to present his prototype, we installed 6 panels to cover the window of our president’s office. The result was stunning, the office was way quieter! And since it was made of translucid panels, there was still a lot of light in the office! Until the end of my internship, I remember my manager feeling happy to have a quiet office again.

airhush system at west general, san josé, california

The AirHush system after installation. Please note that this is a prototype and that the commercial version might be different.


AirHush has invented a technology that consists in inflatable panels that can block sound without blocking light. They partnered with Pinta Acoustic to be distributed and I wish them a lot of success, and maybe business opportunities in France? Visit to know more!

Disclamer: This is not a paid post. I am not related to the company, I am just someone who discovered the system this summer and is happy to share the idea today to celebrate innovation in the acoustics world.