Happy Birthday: 2 years!

Hello everybody! This week’s post will be special because it will be about celebrating this blog second birthday! A lot happenned between the time I bought the domain name and I would like to let you know about it!


As usual, an image is worth a thousand words, so you can find a infographic that summarize this second year of activity for the website :

Infographic of the 2nd year of activity

Click on the picture to enlarge!

A second year with success and failures

A few months after the first birthday of this blog, I did my internship in the US. This was the accomplishment of more than one year of work and it was a great experience for my professionnal and personnal lives. However, I wanted to reiterate the feat for my end-of-studies internship. I aimed high and I failed. But I keep moving forward and I will do anything to go back to the US again!

My current projects

I don’t talk a lot about it on this blog but I am currently doing my end-of-studies internship in France. The topic is confidential, but I do a lot of data processing for innovation, which is super interesting! And I am also searching for the next thing for my career with the 160-HOUR PROJECT. We are at a point where the project might be done in less than 160 hours, but I don’t want to announce anything before it is official. We’ll see!

My overral goal

Since I haven’t made it to the US this year, I decided to set myself a goal: By february 2022, I will work in the US. Why February 2022? Because it corresponds to 5 years after I officially get my engineering degree!

Thank you so much to everybody who support me through this journey! It is not always easy to remain motivated when your goals seem to go away everytime you move forward, but I believe persistance is the key! See you next week!

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