Hi everybody, I had no access to the Internet this week-end so here is the post I should have published! It will be about a new project that I will conduct during my internship. It answers the question: What’s next?

The internship won’t last forever

This is a true reality. The internship will last 6 months, and even if it seems long, it goes fast. And I don’t know what will happen at then end. During the recruiting process, I was told that interns could be hired at the end of the internship, which can be the case in France (and abroad as well I guess). But this is not for sure so I need to have some ideas on my mind.


The 160-hour project

This is why I created the 160-hour project. I commit myself to find 160 hours during my time here in Normandy to answer a simple question: What’s next? Why 160 hours? Because it corresponds to 4 weeks at a full-time job in the United States. That means that if all the time slots during which I will be searching were put together, it would be the equivalent of a full-time job during a month.

Searching for what?

Well, that is the point! I need to figure it out during this 160-hour project. I already have some general ideas, like doing a PhD or searching for a job. But I need to take time to identify what I like and what I don’t like, my values and my limits as an engineer, and so on… Having a precise knowledge on this will help me do the right choice.

So that’s it! This week-end, I will present the first results of my research! It will be a new format of articles, so stay tuned!

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