Preparation of the internship

Hi everybody! There is not much to say this week because school is over and my internship will start on Monday. But let me talk about what I did this week!

Tidying my things up

After 3 years at ENSIM, I collected a lot of things: Notes from the courses, printed slideshows, business cards and so on. This week, I decided to organize everything in my desk. All my documents from my first year at ENSIM were already stored. However, last year, because of my internship in California, I never found the time to tidy everything up. Not to mention this semester, which was very full of things to do. Since I had time this week, I decided to organize everything. Now, my courses are in different box files depending on what they are related to! It will be easier to find them again when I need something specific!

I did the same on my computer. I downloaded my files from my computer at ENSIM on my laptop (almost 10Gb!). I really wanted to have these documents beacause some of them are very important. For example, I coded the steepest descent method with MATLAB, which allows to find the minimum of a function using an iterative process. I am very proud of this so I really wanted to have it on my laptop if I have to use it again!


Here’s what my desk looks like now: A giant datacenter!

Preparing for the internship

As I said in the intro, my internship starts next week. To be fully commited to my missions, I needed to have a decent appartment. By decent, I mean that I had to buy more things, from the littlest ones such as dishes to the more important ones like furniture. Now, I’m all set to start!

I also decided to be one step ahead from my internship. When I talked to the recruiter, I specifically asked for the kind of software I would use. The thing is that I am not familiar with some of them. So I watched tutorials to learn the basics of the tools I will use during 6 months. One week was too short to become a pro, but as I said, I needed the basics so as not to be lost during my internship!

That’s it for this week, there is not much to say other than that! I feel like this new internship is a great jump into the unknown, so I am as thrilled as I am stressed!

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