ENSIM is over!

Hello everybody! This week was my final week at ENSIM! A last week full of emotions … and exams as well! Let’s review it together!

Last Exams

If you read my posts regularly, you must feel like there is an exam every week… and you’re actually right! Since it’s our last year, and our only semester in Le Mans, the rythm is more intense. But we learn many interesting things! The first exam was about Passive Control of Vibrations, the second one was about Methods for Structural Dynamics (Rayleigh-Ritz method typically for those who want to know), and the last one was the oral exam for my school project!

I haven’t talked about my school project for a while because we were moving so slowly! But at the end, we did some very interesting job! We designed a metabeam, which is a beam with a repetition of a specific pattern on it. If this specific pattern is well designed, it can stop the vibrations on a desired frequency band. On Monday, I did a modal analysis of the metabeam and the results were coherent with the model (see the picture below)! I confirmed them with a Finite Elements Method (not represented on the picture).


Study of the Frequency Response Function (FRF). Two things to be noticed : There is an area where there is no peak for the measured FRF (red). And the synthesized FRF (blue) fits perfectly the measured FRF!

So I am happy and I hope that I will get good grades from my work, I should know everything in mid-March.

Last party at ENSIM

With the last week comes also the last party at ENSIM! This night was very emotional because everybody was leaving Le Mans the next day. After 3 years, we were about to leave each other for 6 months… and that’s a lot! After all the good and bad things that we went through, we created strong bonds between us! My 3 years at ENSIM will be a great memory and that’s mainly due to the people I’ve met!


In the middle of the night, I felt that I had to thank my school for these 3 years!

This party ended up late at night and the next day, I had the outgoing schedule of fixtures for my appartment. Needless to say that I was not super awake! But there was no problem with it and I left Le Mans Friday morning, ready for the next chapter of my life!

End-of-Studies internship in Normandy and New appartment!

This was something I never mentionned earlier but I found my end-of-studies internship! My original project was to work in the US again. But after a lot of refusals, including Apple, my only opportunity left was in France. So I took it, thinking that every experience could be a positive one at the end of the day. Working in the US is still on my mind and will prepare the next experience!

So here I am now, in my new appartment in Normandy, Northern France, ready to work! I will probably work on a secret projet during my internship. So unless I can, I wont’ talk a lot about it here. Therefore, I am currently thinking about new articles to publish on my website. Stay tuned!


My new place! I will blog from here now!

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