Study Holidays!

Hello everybody! I am late this week because I had a week off, but as you know, there is never a week that is really off! These days are the last that I will do at ENSIM and there are plenty of things that I need to do before leaving!

eat study sleep repeat

I should think about buying this one =)

A week off to study

I have to tell you that I was waiting for this week! Since early January, there was always something important to do, whether reports to send to a professor, or measurements to do for the carmelite monastery study, the hackathon or even personnal projects related to our prom in early February. Don’t get me wrong, every single thing that I did was very interesting and I learnt a lot of things! But the counterpart was that I was very busy and I started feeling tired and not recovering from the nights. Therefore, this week was perfect to find some balance.

However, there was still some work to do! We don’t have any courses anymore at ENSIM, but there are some exams to do! So I spent the whole week studying for these exams, about passive control of vibrations and structural dynamics. I worked a lot on SEA methods because we had a conference by a scientist who worked on the Airbus A380. I also did a lot of symbolic computation on virtual systems to understand the methods we will use on actual systems.

Nothing more to add about last week! This week, I am doing plenty of interesting things but I will let you know about it next weekend!