Happy New Year!

Hello everybody, and Happy New Year! 2015 was a great year for me so let’s make 2016 at least as good! Read on to look back on what I did in 2015 and what I expect to do in 2016.


Quote of the week!

2015: The dreams came true

I will keep on saying it: By going to California this summer, I realized a dream that I had for a long time, even before starting the blog. I always had a passion for the United States and I wanted to discover it first-hand. Now that I did, I can’t wait to go back there, though it is more difficult this year. However, I made connections there that I want to turn into concrete relationships!

2016: Leaving ENSIM without any problems

2016 will be a major year for me because it will be my last year at ENSIM … theoretically! I work a lot to learn new things and I really want to end this year the right way. This means succeed academically, but also with my end-of-studies internship! I will talk more about it in the weeks to come. By then, I have 2 exams next week: Modal Analysis and Vibroacoustics of Shells and Passengers Compartments!

What did I do this week?

Finally, I can’t leave this post without keeping you posted of what I did this week. Well, it was quite busy because of the New Year’s Eve as you can imagine! But for the last 4 days, I worked with my friends who are building a robot for the French cup of robotics. I am not in the team, but they asked me if I wanted to have a program that would show how the robot did during the game. It was super cool because I had a perfect opportunity to improve my skills in MATLAB, a software that I really love! Tonight, after 4 days of day-and-night programming, my program was done and they liked it! I was proud of me!

That’s it for this week! As I said, next week will be about Modal Analysis and Vibroacoustics … It all starts again! Happy New Year!