This week, I had bad news: I won’t be doing my internship at Apple. Let’s talk about it today.



I love Apple, would they love an acoustician?

I have always loved Apple. Those who know me personnaly know that. Though I only have an iPod touch and a pair of Earpods headphones, I am very interested in this company because of its success and the sort of “religion” that not a lot of company have created.

Working for Apple at a point of my career has always been part of my plans. We don’t think about it, but there is a lot of room for acoustics at Cupertino: iDevices vibrations, noises from fans in the computers, and probably vibrations issues for the Project Titan. A few months ago, I even discovered that Apple is even considering psychoacoustics for its keyboards!


This summer, I had the chance to go to the Apple HQ. I met with an engineer who saw my passion for the company and said he would try to help me to get my end-of-studies internship there. I was so happy when I received an email from Apple about a month ago! A phone interview was scheduled for the next Monday.

During the preceding week-end, I activated my stalker mode to identify who my interviewer was, what was his field of work, who did he work with and came up with many pages full of notes. On the D-Day, I was very stressed but I apparently made it since I received a quick second email to schedule a second interview.

Same preparation, same stalker mode. But I made a mistake without knowing it. I thought my interviewer would question me about his field of work and that wasn’t the case. He asked me similar questions than the first interview and I this was not what I was expecting. 2 days of preparation for nothing. I still tried to answer his questions as best as I could but at the end of the call, I hung up with a feeling of disappointment.

Refusal and Analysis

On Wednesday, after a week of stress, I received an email that told me Apple will not be pursuing me for an internship. I was extremely sad because I invested so much energy in these interviews and my return on investment is null. These things happen but on the moment, I felt bad. I almost didn’t want to go to school and face my friends questions: “Hey, any reply from Apple?”.

Now, what will I do? Well, I feel lost. I feel like I miserabely failed. I feel that I am not good at anything and I don’t know which internship I should apply for. But I try to focus again and I want to identify 5 internship leads in the US and 5 internship leads in France. I want to make the right choice because as I said on the top of this article, I am still passionnate about Apple and they will hear from me again.

In life, you don’t get what you deserve. You get what you get.

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