Well, everything is in the title: I felt stressed this week. I actually still feel stressed. But why? Let’s find out.



Thanksgiving holidays

We don’t have Thanksgiving in France, so this week was a usual one here. However, on the other side of the ocean, everybody was off. I didn’t know that last year but now, I know that it is useless to do anything before the end of the holidays. So I just have to wait until next week to have results about my next internship. I already have some leads, but no explicit proof that somebody wants me.

Other people at ENSIM

I am not the only one who is searching for an internship, all my classmates do too. And some of them have already found internship at great companies. Two of my friends will be working for a global aircraft manufacturer, one of them will work for the naval industry, another one will work for a tractor company, and the list goes on. I am happy for them, but they keep asking me: “And what about you? Did a US company hired you?”. Well, I don’t know right now.

The side-effects on me

This week, I went through many different emotional states. The first one was stress: Did I do good during the interviews? Why didn’t I said that? Why did I put this idea like that? I could have done so much better! The second one was related to my friends internship: That’s good for them! And they told me ENSIM’s expertise in acoustics is known in their companies, which means I have all my chances! And the last one: But what if people didn’t sensed this expertise during the interview?

I shouldn’t feel these emotions. I did my best and I can’t control anything in the recruiting process. Maybe I could have done better, but that’s okay, that’s how I did. But the fact is that I feel stressed. Now, I just have to wait for emails or phonecalls. We’ll see next week, the pain will probably be over!