Interviews, ever and ever!

Hi everybody! Maybe I should change my rule and publish a post every Monday, but don’t worry I am still here! This past week, I did a lot of interviews! Read on to know more:

Me during the interviews

Me during the interviews

5 interviews

This week was filled with interviews! Almost a different every day! 3 for US companies, and 2 for French companies. It was very challenging because I had to prepare every single one of them while also studying an exam at ENSIM. But I made it through the end of the week and hopefully passed my exam!

Technical and HR interviews

2 of the interviews I had were technical ones. It’s the first time that I do this, especially in a foreign language. Last year, I had several job interviews with companies, but none of them were technical ones. So it’s very difficult to estimate if I did well or not, we’ll see. The other ones were more what I call HR interviews. These ones are more about my profile and why I applied for a position in their company.

When will I hear from them?

Well, at least next week! Most of the companies I had an interview with told me they would get back to me at least next week. Thanksgiving will give us a little break! I hope that I will receive good news in the weeks to come! By then, I have another interview this week and then I will be able to focus on school again!

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