Many no’s and some maybe’s!

Hi everybody! This post is published a little late compared to the usual schedule, but I am still in the game. Let’s review what happened last week.


Pray for Paris.

Many no’s ๐Ÿ™

The internship hunting is definitely something that is not easy. Last week, I received another series of refusals, which makes 7 refusals in total. This is always sad to receive this kind of emails, but even more when it comes from a company where you really wanted to work at. And once again, it’s rarely about my profile, but more often about the fact that these companies don’t have any available position.

Some maybe’s ๐Ÿ™‚

However, for the first time this year, I also received positive emails! Some companies are intersted in my profile and I will be interviewed several times starting Monday 16. I hope that I will convince them to hire me! I won’t tell more about it publicly because I want to keep a bit of secrecy but I will let you know!

A final word about Paris

You may have heard that Paris has been attacked several times last Friday night. Once again, the City of Lights has been a target of people who only use violence to express themselves. My thoughts go directly to the families who lost someone last week-end and I am confident in the fact that the police will stop these killers. I was also moved by the messages I received from my friends all around the world. Thank you very much!