3D printing and applications

Hi everybody! Late post this week because I was very busy with my school project! Read on to know more!

3D Printing and Vibrations

If you read this blog regularly, you must be familiar with the fact that I am currently doing my final-year project. It’s about studying materials with a periodic pattern on it. The idea is to design ‘band gaps’ in the vibration response of the material. The new thing that we bring to the project is 3D Printing. It’s really interesting!

This week, I wanted to print our first prototypes for a uniform beam. Since we want to build a ~6’1/2 beam, the printing process was very long and I was very disappointed to see that it didn’t work the first time. We tried 3 times and it still didn’t work. So the prototypes won’t be for this week. But we’re working on it!

3D printing

Definitely the picture that describes best my current state!


This week, I started to follow up with the companies I sent my applications documents a few weeks ago. I had another no, but I also had potential positive replies. I am not sure of anything but I remain positive! Next week, I will do the same with companies that I haven’t followed up with this week and I will see the results!

I also plan to apply to French companies in case it doesn’t work this year. But I really want to make it happen once again since the past experience in California was a blast!

See you next week!


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