Applications … and refusals

Hi everybody ! Last weekend, I received the letter of recommendation I needed to send my applications. Let’s see how it goes!

Some postitive replies

I emailed about 18 contacts so far, mostly acoustical consultants and some laboratories. Among them, two consulting companies sent me an email to let me know that they received my documents and passed them to the HR director. I have no news from them and I plan to follow up with them next week.

Many refusals

It was predictable, some companies can’t accept me. And the bad thing is that it’s not because of my profile. Either it’s because they don’t offer paid internships (a sine qua non condition for me), or because they don’t hire foreign interns due to the fees that go with it, or because they don’t need interns right now. I really want to go back to the US this year and receiving this kind of emails makes me stressed.


Me, basically.

And a worrying silence from my favorite companies

Among my list, there are companies at which I would like to work more than others. It’s not only because of the work itself, but also in terms of logistics. I have to think of everything (plane, accommodation, etc.) and it would be easier in terms of organization to work in some companies. This is why I am worried not to see anything from them, even an acknowledgement of receipt. I will follow up with them next week.


As you can see, everythings does not work the way I wanted to, but that’s the way it is. I will stay focus, keep on following up and hopefully get an job interview!

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