Holidays and Applications !

Hi everybody! I have a week off! And since nothing really interesting happenned last week, I will tell you more about the next one!

(Almost) ready

New resume. Check. New cover letter. Check. Video Resume. Pending. I am almost ready to apply for my next internship. I am just waiting for a final element: A recommendation letter from West General. Though I already have some American experience now, I think that I need it to add credibility to my profile. It’s the same thing again and again: In the US, I think I have to do twice as much things as I would do if I were applying for an internship in France.

Companies, prepare your inboxes

Next week will be the beginning. I will start sending applications by email to the top 40 companies I want to work at next March. This will help me with 2 things: Gauge if US companies are really interested in my profile and see if I have to have a B-Plan (an internship in Europe) if nobody is interested. Then, if I have no reply from the companies I am really interested in, I will send paper applications.


Come on!

Nothing else to say, I will use this week to study FEM/BEM methods and Signal Processing because we have exams coming, and read a book about Steve Jobs that I received yesterday. Have a nice week!


Download my resume today !


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