Internship Hunting Training

Hi everybody! As you know now, this semester is the last one at ENSIM and my internship will start in March. So at school, we have the chance to work with an HR consultant on resumes, cover letters and job interviews.

Parallel to our regular courses, we have several courses with this HR Consultant from Le Mans, France. The first lecture was very general and outlined the different axes of the course. The second lecture was about what to put in our resumes and cover letters. And this week, we did fake job interviews.

Job interview

These courses are very helpful to help us with our internship hunting!

These courses make me realize that I have a lot of experience in HR compared to the other students, though I have sometimes less job experience. Why? Because most of my schoolmates did many summer jobs while I always tried to avoid it when I was young. But when I became interested in acoustics, I took it seriously and created good experience.

When I was in California, my manager told me that I would be a good ressource for the other students because of these experiences. I was thinking that I wasn’t that different from them. But this year, I realize that many schoolmates asked for my opinion on their resume and cover letter! I never thought it would happen and I was quite happy to discover this sort of expertise, though I am just a student like them.

The other difference I have is that I did some job interviews last year. Therefore, I know what are the typical questions and I know how I can answer them. For example, this week, I was not very prepared for the fake job interview but the HR consultant said I did the best interview in the group!

This makes me very confident for the interviews I will do my next internship this March! Currently, I am waiting for a recommendation letter and I want to send applications at the end of next week!


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