The “x=0” moment.

Hi everybody! This week, there is nothing special to say about my next internship or about my studies at ENSIM. Therefore, I wanted to share some thoughts with you.

My idea of success could be summarized with an exponential law. The abscissa would be the amount of effort that I put in my work and the ordinate would be the absolute value of success. As you can see on the graph below, you spend most of your time working for no results. But you have to keep working because when you reach x=0, you have y=1 and then, it explodes.


Th exponential law. The red point represents the “x=0” moment.

To me, this summer was the “x=0” moment. The moment when you finally get the results of your work. If you read some personal development websites, you will learn that at this point, you have to keep on working. Reaching this “x=0” moment doesn’t mean this is the end. It means that this is the beginning. However, I feel that I am sort of bogged down in October, while I should be working.

For example, we have this year courses about how to write a resume and a cover letter. During these courses, I have mixed feelings. Part of me is very proud and wants to say: “Hey, I went to the US this summer, I don’t need your wannabe-advice!”. The other part of me is more reasonable and thinks that I can learn from everybody. Luckily, I often hear this part and you can see for example that I have updated my resume after asking for a personal review of mine by an HR consultant.

I also have some doubts about where I should work during my internship. Should I work in an acoustical consulting firm? I am afraid that my job wouldn’t be scientific enough and probably repetitive. And even if I wanted to do it, where? In a major one to work on large-scale projects or in a smaller one? East or West coast? And if I don’t want to do consulting, should I work in a lab? Why not but where? I have been focusing on consulting for a year so I don’t know where the best labs are and if my profile suits them. I am also thinking about famous companies but I don’t know if they need acoustical interns.

Where to go?

Where to go?

The more I think about it, the more I see this feeling as the fear of success. Many people fear failure. That’s logical, when you try something new, you don’t want to fail. But sometimes you also see people in situations where everything is set up to lead to success and they still have fear. And I think this is my case. This summer, the experience was so amazing that now, I know more than ever how to get an internship in the US. However, I am still a little bit afraid. But you know what, as I said with the exponential law, I have to keep on working to have tremendous results.


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