New resume!

As I said, this weekend is all about working on my new resume and cover letter. Let’s see what’s different from the previous one!

Come on, hire me =)

Come on, hire me =)

What is my goal?

The first thing to consider before doing a resume is to know who I will send it to. In my case, I have 3 “targets”:

  • The main ones: Acoustical Consultants. After all, this is why this website was made. From the beginning, I thought about becoming an acoustical consultant and now, this is the time to send them a resume for an internship.
  • The new ones: Laboratories. I never thought about sending a resume to a lab team. However, I realized this summer that I missed science and math. And since I met some entrepreneurs that might need R&D, doing an internship in a lab could be worth the shot.
  • The last ones: Other companies that might need acoustics or vibrations engineers. I don’t know a lot of them but if other companies could be interested in my profile, why not sending them a resume?

What has been changed?

Education: Focus on the projects

To me, the last academic year was the one from which I learnt the most of my current skills. I am not a master of acoustics, but I think I know more now and I know where I can find the right ressources. So I had to talk about it in my resume, especially about my school project.

If you read this blog for a long time, you might know that I did a school project with MANITOU Group last year. Our goal was to find non-empirical ways to acoustically characterize the disturbance of an engine. We were very successful and finally got the best grade of the school! So I had to talk about it in my resume and I present the 4 main topics of the project.

Work Experience: Goodbye McDonald’s

Thanks to my experience this summer at West General Acoustics, my experience at McDonald’s doesn’t appear on my resume anymore. This was a good experience that partially funded my internship this summer, but I did so much things this summer that I had to remove it. Like my school project, I present the 5 main things I did this summer at West General so people can understand better what I did.

Leadership & Activity: No major changes but reorganization

Talking about my school project and the past summer experience takes space on the resume. So I had to work on margins and spaces so everything could fit on one page. However, it was still not enough. So I decided to reorganize this section. I reduced the space about my school clubs because this is something I was involved in 2014/15 and I won’t be as involved in them this academic year because I leave ENSIM in March.

Final result

The final result can be downloaded below. It seems to be full of information and I hope that I found a good way to make it look organized. This resume will be sent to the different companies I aim to work at during October and see who will be interested!


Download my resume today !


Download my vCard today !

Tomorrow will be about writing my new cover letter. And since every one of them will be different, I won’t talk about it in this article. Anyway, I am on track to find the next internship now!