Achieving by blogging

Hi! This week, it’s all about looking back on what I did to prove that it’s possible to achieve a dream by blogging. This article is my personal interpretation from an article published recently by The Phat Startup to show an example of the results you can expect if you do it too.

hustle and luck

Hustle and get lucky with a blog!

The article from The Phat Startup that I will use is entitled “How to Create Luck from Hustle” and is based on a simple equation. Being in scientific studies, I like equations and especially this one:

Hustle + Optimism + Opportunity = Luck


To me, hustle means working hard consistently to achieve a goal. And by extension, it means setting a goal.
Setting a goal is very important. It can be easily done by answering a few questions. Here is a simple example that I did for my project:

  • What? Doing an internship
  • When? Summer 2015
  • Where? United States
  • Who? People related to acoustics
  • Why? Because I have to have experience and because I love the US
  • How? Finding a company, a place to live, money, …

You see, 6 questions can help you set a goal fairly easily. In my case, I wanted to gain experience by doing a summer internship in a company specialized in acoustics in the United States. And I had to work for it. And this is where blogging helps.

I like blogging because it has many perks. The main one for me is more psychological. I know that every week I have to publish something. So I had to do things. If you read my posts, you can see that I don’t always achieve things but the idea is to never stay still. To me, blogging is a motivation tool at this stage.

This is the hardest part of the equation. You HAVE to do it. I started from nothing, I had no contact, no connection, no knowledge, and I made it. It was difficult but I kept moving forward and kept searching for solutions.


When you start a project like this, you can be easily motivated at the beginning. And then, you face your first challenges. In my case, it started when people refused to be interviewed. But this was also the case when people refused my application for an internship. Every time, I had to keep my goal in my mind and believe that somehow, I would make it happen.

To remain optimistic, I did two things last year that happened to be important now. I read a book and I started meditating. I never considered meditation, but I did it throughout summer 2014. This was only 2 months, but it helped. I used this video, already recommended by the Phat Startup, which uses a 6-phase meditation.

One of the 6 phases was to picture my ideal future in my mind. I remember thinking about the Apple Headquarters and other things that would make this internship as memorable as possible. At the end, I didn’t get an internship at Apple. But I got inside the Apple HQ. Twice. Who can say the same?

To conclude, I think visualizing a positive future helps to keep faith and make it through the problems that will come up. So, remain optimistic!


In every project, there is an opportunity you have to seize. In my case, that was when I received an email from Edward Basanese that said that not only would he accept to be interviewed, but that he was open to any of my questions about this project.

You can’t create opportunities directly. The only thing you can do is work hard to make it happen and seize it when it comes. You just never know when it comes, this is why you have to remain optimistic and believe that someday, good things will happen.


And when these 3 ingredients are reunited, you can discover what we call luck. Some examples in my case:

  • I got a good internship
  • There couldn’t have been a better place for a first experience in the US
  • I stayed in a host family for a decent price
  • I went to every place I wanted to go in California: Tech companies HQ for instance
  • I went to places I would never expect: Apple HQ or Yosemite
  • I worked on project with early-stage startups
  • I went to an international congress for a decent price
  • And so on

This project demanded a huge and long organization and sometimes I don’t know if I will ever go back. So it’s important to recognize that I got many things because of my work, but I also got so lucky!


You see here that a good preparation helps to achieve a goal. And blogging helps at every step of the process. Blogging forces you to work hard every week to publish something every weekend. Blogging helps you to have faith in you project and see all the pieces come together as you move forward. And finally blogging is a good way to attract opportunities, even though they might appear when you don’t expect appear.

So if you read this and if you want to achieve something, whatever it is, I advise you to start a blog. This is very easy, you can find tons of online resources. Keep in mind that I have no particular skill in website coding, and I manage to do nice things on this website. So if I can do it, you can do it!

One more thing: Being grateful

It is always important to keep in mind that, even if you are aften sailing alone on a raging sea, there are many people that can help you. So always take time to be grateful to them and recognize that without them, it wouldn’t be the same. In my case, I created a gratitude page that I update everytime someone does something cool to me.