Eigthth Week and Back to France !

Wow, this week was my final week! And, talking about week, it was half a week to be accurate. I decided to work only from Monday to Wednesday to save time to prepare my return flight. Let’s review what I did!

Way back to France.

See you California, Hello France!

Work at West General

During this partial week, I helped West General with acoustical calculations for a design studio. This is interesting to work on these kinds of projects because most of the time, they want to use materials or shapes that are not good in terms of acoustics, such as glass that is a highly reflective surface, or curves that can create focal points. So we have to find solutions that are acoustically efficient and still aestheticaly pleasant.

I also visited a school that we are working on. I already visited it a few weeks ago and at the time, they had parts of the wall that were in asbestos so it wasn’t possible to drill holes for example. Now that they want to remove it, we can think about new possibilities to place our treatments.

Finally, I was supposed to visit the San Jose branch of Charles M. Salter but unfortunately, they cancelled because they were unavailable. Next time hopefully!

Visiting the area

I didn’t do much visiting this week! Two reasons for this: First, I have to admit that I was very organized and that I saw everything that I wanted to see. My only regret is that I miss the original Facebook house in Palo Alto but like I say, that’s a good reason to come back! And the other reason is that I had to buy gifts for my family and friends.

End of the internship

So like I said, I left California on Friday and arrived in France on Saturday (thanks to the time difference) ! I have to recover from the jetlag and then ENSIM starts on Tuesday next week! Next week, I will dedicate a specific post to write a general conclusion of this project because this is the result on my work with this blog !