Sixth Week!

If I had to sum up this week in one word, it would be: CONFERENCES. Read on to see what I did in San Francisco and Oakland this week!

Work at West General

This title does not reflects the truth because this week, I was almost never at the office! The reason for that was Internoise 2015! For those who don’t know, Internoise is a congress that lasts 3 days and is about acoustical engineering. The 2015 edition was in San Francisco so I had to be there! I went there on Monday afternoon, all Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I attended 3 sessions:

  • Monday Afternoon: Absorption Materials and Treatments. Very interesting talks about new materials or new techniques that can be used in the future. My favorite talks were those by Antonio Carvalho and Foteini Setaki!
  • Tuesday Morning: Acoustic and Noise Measurements. As the title says, it’s about measuring sound and analyze the data. My favorite talks were those by Leandro Rodino and Robert Dougherty!
  • Wednesday Morning: Acoustic Black Holes. This is something I was interested in because I know that ABH seem to be an interesting challenge in the automotive industry for example, but I don’t know how it works. Now, I am not an expert, but I can understand the idea at least! And one of my teacher was presenting, so I was also there to support Team ENSIM!
ENSIM Internoise

Team ENSIM at Internoise 2015!

As you can see, I haven’t attended any session on Tuesday Afternoon. This was because I was with West General’s team in the Exhibition Hall to talk to suppliers and potential new partners. Fun fact: When my boss introduced me to Charles Splain, from MBI products, he said: “Oh, you’re the guy with the website?” I wasn’t expecting this but it was super cool to see that professionals read my blog!

Tech808 in Oakland

This weekend wasn’t about visiting the area, I wanted to attend the Tech808 conference in Oakland! For those who don’t know, Tech808 is a conference organized by The Phat Startup. The goal is to teach people how to start a  website, an app or a non-profit, using the lessons from the hip-hop culture.

Phat Startup Team

The whole Phat Startup Team!

As you can read in my bio, hip-hop, tech and entrepreneurship are also my passions so when I heard that the NYC-based startup would host an event in Oakland, I just couldn’t miss it! I was so happy to meet for real Anthony Frasier and James Lopez and to discuss with them about the event and the Phat Startup in general. I even had my picture with them!

8 talks were delivered during the day and every speaker had a lot of time to answer questions from the audience. Whether is was about disrupting the fashion industry, raising money, or simply creating a startup, most of the common questions that wannabe-entrepreneurs could ask were covered. I am very happy that I was able to attend this conference and this is definitely worth its price. The next one is in New York City, if you like the concept, check it out!

Unfortunately, in the same time, I was asked to join a chat about acoustics hosted by the Acoustical Society of America! I was honored to be invited but since I was attending Tech808, I had to pass on this one. But if someone from the ASA reads this, I would be happy to talk about teaching acoustics and acoustics in classroom spaces!


So as you can see, I learned a lot of things this week! I have tons of pages with notes I will read carefully now and find a way to apply what I learned to this blog, which after all is a mix of acoustics and tech! Next week should be normal and I will visit consultants in the Bay Area. But for now, let’s use this Sunday to rest!