Third Week!

Hi everybody! Let’s review together what I did this week! On the program: Work and leisure!

The Tech Museum

The Tech Museum of Innovation in San José.

Work at West General

This week, I discovered a new tool that West General uses: BidClerk. For those who don’t know, BidClerk is an online resource that connects people who want to build something and contractors. My role during this week was to search in the giant database the projects that involved acoustics. I found some projects in California that we might be able to work on, so we’ll see next week!

This week, I also did something new to me: A presentation in front of the sales team! At West General, everybody doesn’t have the same level of knowledge when it comes to acoustics. So I was asked to prepare a presentation about the reverberation time. What is an absorption coefficient? What is the difference between the Sabine and the Eyring calculation? How does it work? I was happy to have all the PDFs from my courses from ENSIM! I had to explain each of these points and I also created a spreadsheet so they can directly have an estimation of the reverberation time without using decibel-meters.

This week was particular because I didn’t have any project to work on my own. So when I wasn’t working on BidClerk or on my presentation, I followed an advice that I read in USA Today which was “Stay busy”. So I worked on projects indirectly related to West General. But I hope we will have more inquiries next week!

Visiting the area

Last weekend, I visited the Stanford campus! Students from the University offer walking tours so people can see the campus from the inside. The university covers a great area so we only went to the major places but it was still very interesting! And this week-end, I chose to stay in San José to visit The Tech and then walking in the streets to discover the city. I enjoy a lot living in this area!