Dear young Corentin …

This is probably the last post I am writing from France. So I wanted to write a letter to the young me one year ago.


Everything is getting ready!

Hi Corentin, this is your old me. It’s May 10th 2014 and a great adventure is starting. You don’t know anything about it right now so let me tell you a bit from what you will experience.

So, May 10th. Your previous blog is over and you need a new one. After questioning your friends, you can’t decide what to blog about now. You just started your engineering studies in acoustics, but you don’t have any idea about what do to with it yet. You always wanted to go to the United States, but hey, Street View is fine right? In late may 2014, without knowing it, this girl will give you the energy to start this blog: You love the US, you study acoustics, why not doing an internship there, huh? It was perfect except one thing.

So, what to do when you know nothing? Well, you will ask professionals. Risky, but don’t worry, it will pay. You will just need to send tons of emails and explain your project, the fact that you don’t want a job, etc. There will be tons of EPIC FAILS. Too bad, but it helps. And then, finally, someone will accept. And another one, and another one, etc.

You wanted 10, you will get 7. It’s fine because you have learned a lot from them and you will have to go to the next step: Getting your internship.

Interviewing people is good, but in January, you will have to hurry to get your internship. You will see, many companies won’t accept. You’re not a bad applicant, but sometimes, odds are not in your favor. But finally, one will accept! But no time to celebrate, you have to start procedures to get your visa!

Getting a visa will be like an assault course! But don’t give up, everything will be fine. You will go to the embassy and after a short interview, you will get your signed paper and a few weeks later, you will get your passport with your visa.

But a visa is expensive and you will have to find ways to fund your project. Your parents will help you and you will think about crowdfunding. IT WILL BE AN EPIC FAIL. But like, epic. Your were thinking about being sponsored by companies. But only one will accept. Do it like the lean startup, use this failure to progress.

And then, you will have to find a place to live. It will be the last challenge for you. It will be tough because in the same time, your exams will start. And please, don’t screw up your academic year. So if need be, focus on your studies first. Then, search for a home.

And now, here is me. The old Corentin. One year older. A bit more experienced but still stressed about this project. Why do air-traffic controllers go on strike when you’re leaving? Will you have enough time so as not to get lost in Paris ou Seattle airports? Will everything be fine one you’re there?

Well, you don’t know. You won’t know until you experience it. But don’t worry, your family will be there. Your friends too. Because at the end of the day, ever new project involves meeting new people. Whether it’s people you have interviewed or people you talked to throughout the project, it will always be people you will learn a lot from. Think about thanking them. And then, thanking then again.

Now, just close your suitcase and go to the airport. Just jump into the unknown. Phase zero is done. Phase one can start.

Nike, Just do It

© Nike

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