End of exams! Final steps before the internship!

Yeah, all my exams are done! I have been unavailable to write this post before today so I will focus on what I have done last week and what I will do this week.


This week, we had the last series of exams: Musical Acoustics, Sound Perception, Vibrations, and a bit of Computer Science (JK flip-flops, etc). All of them are done now and theoretically, I have validated my semester and my academic year! It’s a good thing for me because I wasn’t that successful last year. This year instead, I worked on many cool things, such as our project with MANITOU, but also other subjects that were very interesting too! And I also got my TOEIC: 975/990! It’s not my best score but I’m the best studen ex-aequo!

Celebrating the end of exams.

Here’s what I look like these days.

24h du Mans

To celebrate the end of the academic year, I bought tickets to go to the 24h du Mans race with friends. For those who don’t know, it’s the only endurance race in the world that lasts 24h! It’s very impressive because these cars go so fast that it’s very difficult to take a picture with a phone camera! After a short night, we came back to see the final laps and Porsche successfully won! They motto was “Our Mission: Future Motorsport” and they printed t-shirts with “Challenge Accepted” once they won the race!

Porsche 919 Hybrid

The winning Porsche after 24 hours of race.

Next weeks

So now that my exams are done, what will I do? Well, I have a couple of weeks before going to California and I will use them to relax and to do the final preparations before the trip. When I come back from California in August, I will directly go to school so I want to use these weeks as holidays and I will probably visit Friends in Bretagne, a nothwestern area of France. After this kind of year, I think I deserved some holidays =)


Where I will be in a couple of days.