Exams and crowdfunding news

Busy week! Almost one exam everyday! So this post will be quite short since I could take enough time to handle my crowdfunding project


3 exams and a report to write this week!

Studies first these weeks

Though ENSIM is a good school and I would never go elsewhere, I have to admit that the administration can be sometimes capricious. A few weeks, there were many available time slots to take exams and we were supposed to finish school next week. But now, more exams appeared on our timetable and we probably have to stay at school after that. So I have to prioritize and I decided that I have to validate this semester. So that’s why I have been away from this project this week.

Crowdfunding contacts

This week, I sent an email to every contact I had sent a letter 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, some replied no. I was expecting this: Most of the companies don’t know me personnaly, so I understand that they probably wouldn’t be ready to support me. But I have a potential support from a contact that I met this summer in London, we’ll see. For those who want to contribute, click on the widget below!

As you can see, I try to manage many things in the same time because I don’t want to fail at school but I still want to go to the US. Next week will be filled with exams (6, including the TOEIC and an oral exam about my project). I will let you know about my crowdfunding campaign too!