The crowdfunding campaign is on !

This week marks the beginning of my new adventure : A crowdfunding campaign to collect the last €800 I need to go to the United States ! Read on and see what I have done this week.

Crowdfunding online

I submitted my project two weeks ago but the moderation team wanted me to change some of my sentences so they could fit with their terms and conditions. I did the changes last sunday and my project has been approved! Now I have €800 to collect in about 40 days. These €800 will be for my daily life in the US since I already pay for the plane tickets, the visa and the accommodation. This campaign is targetted towards French companies but everybody can contribute ! Dont be afraid, it’s easy even if it’s in French! Juste click on the widget below and follow the steps!

Crowdfunding offline

To increase my chances of success, I decided to send a letter directly to the 45 French companies I target. To me, an email can be easily deleted but people might read a physical letter. Every letter includes a letter to introduce myself and to explain why I am contacting them and also a 5-page file that presents this blog and how it helped me to get my internship this summer. I also plan to follow up those who don’t contribute to understand how can I improve my collect.

prospecting for crowdfunding

270 pages sent to 45 contacts!

40 days to go

This is a great challenge because if I raise less than €800, I won’t get the money so I need everybody to contribute! There were many days off last week in France so I will see the first results starting Monday. I hope people will understand the project and contribute!