Happy Birthday!

1 year ago, I bought a domain name thinking it would help me to get an internship in the United States. I only knew this country from the Internet and I wanted to start doing something to go there. It turns out that I made it! Let’s look back on what I did during this year. #FactsOnly


Figures are important, but figures can also be boring if they are not visual. So here’s an infographic to show you the results after 1 year on this website:


Click to see the infographic! It’s mobile-friendly!


If you are interested in the exact figures :

  • 53 articles published (this one included): I managed to be regular and publish a post every week!
  • 177 emails sent to ask for an interview for the blog
  • 7 interviews: Less than I wanted (10) but hey, I won’t complain because I learned a lot from the ones I did!
  • 29 emails sent to ask for an internship
  • 2 internship offers for this summer
  • 4463 page views since June 16
  • Readers mainly come from:
    • The United States: 34.03%
    • France: 19.19%
    • Brazil: 10.09%
  • Main sources of traffic:
    • Referral: 47.53%
    • Direct: 23.82%
    • Organic search: 15.07%
  • Most read interviews:
    • Architectural Acoustics: 27.16%
    • Acoustics by Design: 24.71%
    • Kirkegaard Associates: 18.12%
    • West General Acoustics: 17.93%
    • Real Acoustix: 12.08

Once again, I wanted to thank everybody that comes on this website, whether it is to watch an interview or simply track my progress, you are the craftsmen of my success as a famous French singer once said.

See you next week!

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