Funding the project

Hi everybody! I have been sick this week-end and I couldn’t write this post before today. So, what did I do the past week? Well, I have been looking at my budget.

Funding the trip

Though this is a huge oportunity for me, this trip causes a lot of expenses. I especially didn’t expect visa fees to be that high. So for the past few months, I have been searching for a way to fund the project. To summarize, I have my savings, I will earn a revenue this summer and my parents will help me. But that won’t be enough.


So here’s my idea : Crowdfunding! For those who are not familiar with this, it’s about collecting money from many people in exchange of compensations (see picture below). In my case, I will offer visibility on my website. Each level of contribution will associated with a level of visibility on this site, from a logo to an article.

Crowdfunding equation

Do the math =)

My targets? French companies.

I think it’s time that French companies to see what I am doing. I think this project is very atypical and people should be aware of it, especially in France. There are also some international companies in the list, I hope they will see my potential and help me to achieve this project!

I will use the French crowdfunding website KissKissBankBank. Though it’s in French, everybody from around the world is welcome to participate but keep in mind that this crowdfunding campaign has been first designed to reach French companies. I will let you know about this new project!