This project started on May 10. And saturday, I had the ultimate reply : my visa has been accepted! Read on and see what will I do this summer. And don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter =)


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Where will I work and what will I do?

I am proud to announce that I will work at West General Acoustics! For those who remember, I had interviewed Edward Basanese on July 28! Since then, he has been a true mentor to me by giving me advice for this project and his boss has accepted to hire me for this summer!

I will work as an “Acoustic Sales Assistant”. My missions will be first to learn about the acoustic materials West General sells, then to work with architects and consultants to define with them the ones that fit to their project, and then I will work with the team to come up with solutions to projects. To sum up, it’s a mix of commercial and scientific missions!

I’m happy!

I still can’t realize that I am going to the United States! It seemed so far away when I started this blog and now, in 3 and a half months, I will fly to California! I am grateful to West General because I think this internship will be a good way for me to work in acoustics for the first time. Also, they were very reactive during the process for getting the visa, which was really helpful!

Next items on the to-do list.

Though my visa has been accepted, everything is not finished. Among the things I still have to do, the first one is to find where I will live. I was in touch with a homestay family which seemed to be the right one, but I had doubts the way I had to pay them. Now that my visa has been accepted, I can serenely search for a new one. And, talking about money, I am still thinking about a side-project from this blog.

I wanted to thank everybody that helped me to bring this project to life. Though I did it all by myself, it would never have been possible without the help of many of you. I have created a special page to thank all of the people who helped me. And don’t worry, this internship doesn’t mean the end of the blog. I have many other things to tell!