New feature on the blog!

This blog is going to be 1 year old soon! Last week, I wanted to go one step further by adding some features. Therefore I am proud to announce that I will launch a newsletter!

Newsletter Acoustics in the US

Subscribe and get news directly in your inbox!

Why a newsletter?

This is a normal question. Why subscribing to a newsletter when you can see the content directly on this site? Well, this idea came to me when I was thinking that there were probably people interested in what I was doing but if they forget about me once they close the tab, it’s worthless. If they subscribe for free, they can be updated when I am doing something new!

I don’t want to be spammed!

And I understand. I belong to the Y generation and I know that spam goes directly to your trash. I don’t want to spam you. A typical newsletter would include a recap from the latest articles published on the website as well as those shared on the Facebook page. I am also open to every new proposition you might have. To avoid numerous and useless newsletter, I am thinking about sending an email every couple of weeks.

And what about my personal data?

I use well-known and reliable services so your information will be protected. Plus, you will always be able to unsubscribe if you want to. It’s in your interest and also in mine: I don’t want to ruin my reputation by sending crappy emails and spread you personal data.

Nice, what else?

That’s basically it! Please subscribe by entering your email address in the bar on the top of the page or in the popup. Feel free to contact me if you want specific content to be discussed in the newsletter. To me knowing, that people are interested in this blog by subscribing is the best support I can have throughout this adventure.

Next week, US embassy!