One day, I will get my visa

I am writing a lot about my visa these days because this is the key element for this internship. Even if I have everything else (internship agreement, plane booking, etc), I won’t be allowed to enter the US without a valid visa.

visa form #AcousticsInTheUS

Still many forms to fill out.

Last week, I said that to get my visa, I have to perform an interview at the US embassy in Paris. Prior to this, I have to fill out a specific form with many questions about who am I, what do I do in France, what will I do in the United States and what do I hope to do once I am back in France.

I spend all this afternoon filling this form online, my passport and my French ID card beside me. Sometimes I feel that some questions are quite intrusive because I hadn’t had to do this when I went to London last summer but I have no choice and I fully accept the US rules. If doing this will make procedures easier, I am ready to do this.

I have to check details about my flight and accommodation with my program sponsor in France and then, once I have completely filled this form, I will have to go the US embassy ! This will probably be in two weeks ! I’ll let you know about this !