Finite Elements, Matlab and visa

Hi there ! I am still waiting for any news about my visa so this week, I wanted to talk about my classes at ENSIM once again because I started a new subject !


Using Finite Elements can help to study the behavior of a speaker.

Finite Elements 101

In acoustics, when you want to study the behavior of structures such as cars for examples, you can’t use the standard equations. A technique that can be used is called Finite Elements and this semester, I have took a class about it. I have just started, so I don’t know a lot about it, but I know it’s about meshing a strucure to see its comportement when a loading is applied for example. It seems to be a very interesting and efficient technique to study complex structures ! I look forward to delve deeper into it !

Still on Matlab

My school project is still going on and each week I improve my GUI ! We are at almost 2/3 of the project so now, my work is to combine all the different programs me and my teammates have written into 2 big programs. The first one will simply plot the data we measured a few weeks ago. This represents almost 400 different plots so we have to find easy ways to quickly plot the data that we want. The second one will be the psychoacoustics survey, but we agreed with our supervisor that this was secondary.

And this almost it for my visa !

At the end of the week, I received an email saying that my visa application was accepted ! I’m really happy and I am getting close to it ! The procedures are not over yet, I still have to go to the US embassy in France to do a little interview (I don’t count the interviews now :D) and hopefully, this will be the end ! Eventually, getting a working visa in the US is probably the toughest thing in this project, but I believe it will be worth it !