The “Dumping Ground” Post

I don’t know if the title is correct but this is what it is. Nothing worth dedicating a full post happenned this week so I gathered information of what I am currently doing.


The vision I had when I had to choose a title for this post.

Progress in my school project

I am still working on my GUI. I almost spend my whole Wednesday on Matlab, whether at school or at home, because I wanted to figure out a main problem in my code. I even had to do a dual screen on my desk to have Matlab on my main screen and Matlab help on the second screen ! Eventually, at 9:00PM (I started at 9:30AM), I found out what to do so now, I will move on faster hopefully !

Visa procedures

No news from the US administration yet, my file is being reviewed to see if my application can be accepted. I am pretty confident because I think I followed the rules and I don’t see why it would be refused. But now, since there’s nothing that I can do without it now, I just have to wait !

Additional information

This whole project is about being spotted by companies so they can see who I am, what do I do and hopefully hire me for an internship or more later on. But recently, I figured out that I need to publish my posts where companies can read them. So far, I only use Facebook and Twitter. But I felt I was missing something. And I just realized that I have been registered on LinkedIn since more than 8 months without doing anything ! So now, my posts are automatically shared on my LinkedIn profile. And dont forget to connect with me !

Nothing else to add ! This week was weird because I only had classes from Monday to Wednesday and except my project, I had no homework of things to do for my internship project. Maybe something for next week ?

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