Representing ENSIM in Paris

Hello everybody ! I’m late this week because I was in Paris the whole week-end and I couldn’t save time to write any blog post. Now that this new week is starting, let’s talk about my week-end since there is nothing really new about my visa.


The whole team, can you see me ? =)

Representing my school for an exhibition

This week-end, there was Le Salon de l’Étudiant. It’s a giant exhibition where every school presents its schooling. The French school system is way different than in the United States and we were here to help parents and children (typically 11th-graders) to chose what to do after the Baccalauréat, the main degree in France.

This exhibition was very interesting because I had the opportunity to share my passion and to talk with children who wanted to do this. Acoustics isn’t well known but ENSIM is the one and only school in France that has a specific degree in acoustics and French and European companies are starting to know who we are.

I attach a lot of importance to these kind of exhibitions because when I was in these young students schoes, I never had the opportunity to talk about what I wanted to do. And now that I am on the other side, I hope that I have created vocations in their minds and I hope to see them at ENSIM in the years to come !

About my project : Visa and funds

Regarding the visa, everything is complete on my end. The last thing I had to do was to do an interview over the phone so that the sponsor (the company that helps me to get the visa) knows that my English teacher isn’t lying when she says I have a good level in English. It’s was funny because she was talking in French at first and said “It’s for you interview”. I thought she wanted to discuss a time slot but she started speaking in English right away ! It was simple questions about what did I do to find an internship, why did I want to go to the USA and what do I want to do when I am back in France.

Since the beginning of this project, I also prepare a budget to estimate my expenses in the United States and how much do I have on my side. To this day, I can fully pay for the stay in the United States but to be sure, I am thinking of how could I get a little more money, to be sure that I won’t have any problems. Remember, I already talked about it a few months ago ! I will let you know when concrete things will start !

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