MATLAB and visa procedures.

Hello everybody ! This week, I want to talk about my school project because my team and I are doing an amazing work ! I will also talk about my adventure through my visa application.

Using Matlab for acoustic perception

If you read this blog regularly, you might be aware that I am currently working on a school project related to psychoacoustics. In a first phase, we did a lot of bibliographic research and a few weeks ago, we measured noise and vibrations caused by engines on real vehicles. Now it’s time to analyse the results.

Our team is divided into 2 groups. The first one (2 classmates) analyzes the signals, which means ploting curves of loudness, sharpness or other psychoacoustics indicators and also exporting data for the second group. The second group (2 classmates and me) is working on Matlab. One of us plot the data with Matlab for our report at the end of the project and my friend and I are working on a graphical user interface (GUI).


Basic UI for the survey but I can’t show the final work now =)

This GUI will be used for a perceptive test. We have to conduct a survey to check if the theoretical and practical aspects match. We are working on a questionnaire that candidates will have to use to answer questions. My friend is working on the “visual” aspects, which is creating the elements that will appear when you use the program. And I am working on the hidden part of this program, which is coding the program itself (how to move from a question to the next one while saving the answers). We work hard but I love this because I learn so many things and I really think I will be able to apply these skills in the future.

Parallel to the studies, I still have to get my visa

Last week, I achieved a lot about my visa application. But it’s not finished and since I was back to school this week, I had to go from offices to offices in order to get special documents. The first one was a signed document from my headmaster to certify that I was studying at ENSIM because when I apply for a J1 visa, I can’t stay beyond the dates that I have requested. And the second important document was a document certifying my level of English. I don’t have passed any official exam yet (I will take the TOEIC at the end of this academic year) so my teacher had to say that my level of English was good enough to work in a company in the US.


Lots of papers to provide !

A lot behind me, a lot ahead as well

As you can see, I am doing lots of things these days because I have many files to handle simultaneously. But so far, I manage to do everything correctly so I feel good ! We’ll see what comes up next week !

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