Architecture, Music and Acoustics in Paris

Okay, I wrote earlier that I wanted to publish my posts every friday. But here is why I couldn’t publish before today.

This saturday, I was un Paris. Thanks to my mother’s company, we had a discount on train tickets. This family trip was the perfect occasion to visit and see major places in the capital city. On my side, I have chosen to focus on  things : Architecture, Music and of course Acoustics.

The first stop was a the Centre Pompidou. It is a great contemporary museum were sketches and models from californian architect Frank Gehry were exposed. Gehry has desinged some original places, such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall, which is truly impressive ! There was also many videos in which he was explaining his work, such as the Guggenheim museum for example.

Walt Disney Concert Hall #AcousticsInTheUS

The Walt Disney Concert Hall, designed by Frank Gehry.

The second stop was at the Maison de la Radio (House of Radio), a circular building with 7 national radios located here. The building has been renovated and it is now possible to visit studios. The main one, Studio 104, is truly beautiful ! And there was also the auditorium, with a particular structure because there were seats behind the stage !

Studio 104 Maison de la Radio #AcousticsInTheUS

The Studio 104 in the Maison de la Radio.

Auditorium Maison de la Radio #AcousticsInTheUS

The main auditorium in the Maison de la Radio.

I enjoyed this day in Paris a lot. Outside of the main sights that I know quite well as a French, I discovered many new things. Seeing Gehry’s buildings and the beautiful Studios in the Maison de la Radio strengthened my dream to work in acoustics, and especially acoustics for performance places !

As for my project, no news so far, I keep sending resumes but no one replies. It’s a bit sad but I don’t have time to complain because I have to study for my finals !

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