Report and new features coming !

Hey ! This week was very not very busy compared to the last 3 weeks ! So let me tell you what I did and what will come on the website soon !

brace yourselves

Listen to Ned.

So like every week, I emailed 10 companies. I also followed up the 10 companies I have emailed last week. So far, I don’t have any reply. It’s very difficult not to see any new email in my inbox but I keep on sending emails !

About the blog, here are some new features :

  • From now, articles will be published on Friday. I think that when articles are published on Sunday, people can miss it so I think it’s better for me to publish them on Friday.
  • Next week, I will implement a new feature that will allow you to share the articles directly with your friends, relatives or contacts. You will just have to click on a link !
  • And don’t forget the special project ! I have thought a lot about it and I had some advices from Mr Basanese so keep a close eye on the evolution of the blog !

That’s it for me this week ! Right now, I have 4 exams to study in the same time so it is sometimes hard to work on it every day but I don’t give up, I am still motivated like never before !  And keep in mind that the 6th interview is coming ! But that will be for the next post !

Thanks for reading and tell me if you spotted any English mistake =)

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