Frustration and new rules !

Earlier this week, I said on Facebook that a new interview was coming soon. I was supposed to publish it today. But unfortunately, I won’t. Here’s why.

I’ve been trying to interview this person for a long time now. After scheduling a first date, we had to postpone it to this saturday. So after a great tour in London, I set up Hangouts and we were ready to start the interview. But once again, I couldn’t conduct it because of an emmergency on his side. Though I totally understand, I feel frustrated because I have to postpone it once again.

However, this problem taught me to change my organization for the interviews. I use Hangouts, which is not well known and used by the people I contact. Therefore, I need to be patient and schedule the interviews beforehand. Moreover, I have to tell them that it’s simple to use, for them and for me as well. So if you read this and you want to be interviewed, know that you just need to give me your GMail adress !

new rules

Jay Z’s quote of the week.

Now that I don’t have any interview, I will talk about my new rules to contact people. So far, I used to send e-mails on Wednesday and wait for the answers. But now, I won’t do this anymore. I mean, I will still send e-mails, but not this way.

Assume that we are on the N week. On the Tuesday, I will contact 5 companies, as usual. And on the Friday, I will follow up the companies I contacted on the N-1 week. Thus, some companies may remember me and reply to my e-mail. Moreover, like I said in the previous post, I changed the content of the email because it was confusing for some people.

Lastly, one of the companies I have contacted this week was okay for an interview ! He prefers a written interview like the one with Mr Basanese. I truly think that a video interview is better for me, for the speaker and for the readers. So I will try to convince him to do a video interview, but as I can see all the problems with the inteview I was talking about in the beginning of the post, I will probably do a written interview.

So this week was quite frustrating because I was waiting for this interview for so long, I was thinking that I would be even closer to my goal of 10 interviews. But at the end of the day, that’s not the case. Shimby was definitely right when he told me to be persistent. I won’t give up ! A new interview next week ? That will be for the next post !

Thanks for reading and tell me if you spotted any English mistake =)