0/5, Potential Interview and Facebook

What happened in the acoustical world since last week ? Let’s see below !

I e-mailed 5 new companies from my list. But this week, I am not as successful as last week because nobody answered me. That’s the problem of prospection (well that’s not prospection, but it’s the same process behind). That’s why I have selected a lot of companies and I will probably search for more to increase my chances to get an interview or a job !

50 Cent baseball fail

As successful as Fifty. Click to enlarge

Last week, I said that “a very kind man […] accepted to be interviewed”, what’s new ? Well, I thought I could interview him this week and publish the video in today’s post, but unfortunately, he wasn’t available. In a recent e-mail he sent me, he said he could be available this week. So I will probably upload the video next sunday. But for now, I am preparing my questions. By the way, if some of you want to ask something, ask your question in the comments below and I will ask it for you ! But that will be for the next post !

Thanks for reading and tell me if you spotted any English mistake =)

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