Welcome !

Welcome to my blog ! In this blog, I will share with you my adventure from now to when I get an internship in the US. But before, let me introduce myself !

My name is Corentin Blanchard. I’m a French undergraduate in an engineering school. My major is acoustics. Why acoustics ? Because I am a drummer and I love music in general. Rap music in particular. But the fact is I can’t make a living of my drumming skills, it’s just a hobby. So I tried to mix my passion for music and my science education.

The only school that could help me was ENSIM. ENSIM stands for École Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs du Mans. Le Mans is a city about 1 hour away from Paris by the train. The city is specialized in acoustics since the 1980s. ENSIM, created in 1995, is the only one French engineering school teaching acoustics not as a subject, but as a whole programm. The only problem is that the building is quite ugly, but I deal with it without any problem.

Later on, I would like to work in 2 fields, I haven’t chose which one is better yet. First, room acoustics. I would love to work with architects so as to build concerts rooms for example. Second, I would like to work in earphones companies. As a rap listenner, Beats by Dre would sound good ! Well, it seems that it belongs to Apple now, but I don’t mind =)

With this blog, I want to prove 3 things :

  • Getting an internship in the US is possible when you’re French
  • Acoustics is a very interesting subject ! Yes, really ! I’ll show you some examples.
  • I want to prove myself that I can speak English ? By the way, if you spot some mistakes, feel free to tell me what’s wrong !

We’ll see at the end if I managed to achieved those goals ! But for now, see you next week for the first real article =)