Who am I ?

If you’re reading this text, it’s probably because you must have a lot of questions about who’s behind this blog. Let me try to describe myself :

My name is Corentin Blanchard. I live in northwestern France, in a beautiful city called Angers. I am 21. Wonderful blue eyes and a mysterious hurricane in my hair.


This is me =)

Thanks to this blog, you know that I study acoustics in an engineering school. But on this page, I don’t want to talk about work but more about who I am.


I have 3 hobbies : New technologies, Entrepreneurship and Music.

  • New technologies : Since I got an iPod touch 4 years ago, I am fond of new technologies. Everyday I read tons of articles on my RSS feed to see how this world evolves. Though I don’t have any particular skill in it, I am very interested in Human-Machine Interaction and Design. That’s why I like Apple. I read Steve Jobs biography multiple times and I know a lot about the company and the guy behind it.
  • Entrepreneurship : With my interest for Steve Jobs came my interest for entrepreneurship. I am fascinated by people that follow their own track and create their company … or fail. But at least they have ideas, and sometimes I wish I could have similar ideas. Later on, I would really like to create my company too, but I don’t have any idea so far so I keep searching !
  • Music : There is no day in my life without music. Even right now, I am listenning to this. I listen to every type of music, but I love real hip hop. It’s funny because people don’t expect it when they see me. I am also a drummer in a group with two friends. We sometimes play in bars or at school parties. Before, I was in an other group and we published a video on YouTube.

These 3 hobbies may sound very different, but they are connected. The list of new technologies entrepreneurs is endless. In hip hop, most of the major artists are also entrepreneurs (hello Dr. Dre). And tech companies always pay attention to music (hello Dr. Dre again).


At school, I am involved in three clubs :

  • Jensim : Jensim is a Junior-Entreprise. Basically, a Junior-Entreprise is a school-sized company ruled for and by students. Our mission is to find some paid missions for students so they can put their courses into practice. During the academic year 2014/15, I was in charge of quality, which means checking if every document is correct (spelling and prices especially). I also was in charge of communication.
  • BDE : BDE stands for Bureau des Élèves, which is the equivalent of the Student Union in the US. Every French engineering or business school has a BDE. This is the main club in the school because we organize events during the year such as the fresher’s week-end, parties or more serious events. I am in charge of communication during the 2014/15 academic year.
  • Les Cordées de la Réussite : This club aims at arousing the interest for higher education among high school students. Because most of the time, these students aren’t self confident and self-censor themselves about higher education. From 2013 to 2015, I was the mentor of two 11th and 12th graders, and both of them passed their Baccalauréat, which is the main exam at the end of high school in France! Congrats to them!


Acoustics in the US is not my first blog. From 2011 to 2013, I was in Classes Préparatoires. Shortly, that are two-year intensive undergraduate studies in maths, physics and engineering sciences to prepare competitive exams for admission to French Engineering Schools. Due to the fact that not a lot of people are accepted in Classes Préparatoires, many fantacize about it.

I wanted to tell my truth about it so I created a blog called Vive les Prépas ! (prépas is the short name of Classes Préparatoires). Like this one, I published a post every week so people can see what it is from the inside. At the end, I wrote an e-book sold on Amazon to give some advice to newcomers. Though I don’t write on it anymore, the blog is still quite popular with 1000 views per month and up to 3000 during the exam periods.


I have always been interested in English-speaking countries culture, especially the United States. And this interest was strengthened about 4 years ago. Our teacher were teaching English with songs (he was a fan of Supertramp) or movies. Now, I am one of the best students in my class and when people ask me how they can progress, I always tell them to listen and read English songs. To me, that’s the simplest way to learn a new language when you can’t do anything else.

So now that I have the opportunity to work abroad for my studies, I chose the US instantly. Some say I have a dreamy picture of the US. I don’t think that’s true and even if it was, that’s why I want to go there : To see the real country. Anyway, I have to find my internship first, so back to the blog !

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  • oliver

    Hi “Corentine” (said with a sort of anglo-mayennais’s accent)
    As I was in st Martin enjoying a BBQ at your living place, Lou Anne showed me your blog and so I am spending a few minutes browsing on it, listening to your Youtube interview with the US acoustician ( By the way, can I say “acoustician” or is this *f… French translation?).
    Well, while surfin’ (in the USA la la la) on your blog I’m also thinking about my kids, Timothy and especially Eliott, you know your youngest male cousin who thinks AND says that you are his favourite cousin and even friend!! They’d certainly be amazed and captivated by your so international profile. Sure, I’ll show them your blog …
    Well, enough for today. I hope you are spending a nice stay over there in this beautiful England. make th emost of it!
    See ya then …
    Oliver … you know Rockleaf’s (ie Rochefeuille in French!!) teacher of English