Interviews 101

It’s very difficult to have an interview with a company. I started my project in May and I have only 2 interviews in August, and only one is a video ! So I created this page so people can understand better what I am aiming at.

Why would you do that ?

This blog is a win-win contract. Everybody has something to win if they accept to take part into this blog. Let me tell you why.

On your side, it’s a free occasion to talk about what you do best and it may be a possibility to have new clients. Today, being visible on the Internet is very important. I can help you with that by allowing you some space and time on my blog. An interview is the perfect occasion to talk about you or your company. And since this blog is read all around the United States, and even all around the world, new opportunities could come up.

On my side, I benefit from your knowledge and experience in this world. I am a rookie in acoustics, I don’t know anything, I just feel like this kind of job is definitely for me. I want to discover everything that is possible when someone wants to work in acoustics. I enjoy meeting new people and I love learning new things, so interviewing expert is the best way for me to progress.


Explaining a point with Disney.

I think it helps both of us. You have a golden opportunity to promote your business and I can benefit from your knowledge as an expert.

How can you do that ?

You want to take part into this blog ? I’m glad to hear that ! It’s very simple : if you want to take part into this blog, I will interview you. Just come as you are and talk about you.


Explaining a point with McDonalds.

The usual interview is divided into 4 parts :

  • The first part to introduce the company and the speaker. I ask the speaker to introduce himself, why he got into acoustics and what is his best project so far and why.
  • The second part is more about the speaker. I ask him to tell me what are the required qualities to do his job. I also ask him to describe his typical day or how a project is conducted from A to Z.
  • The third part is different for each interview. I want every interview to be unique so I try to find in each company something different from the others : Environmental acoustics, Acoustics for performing arts, acoustics for the transports, etc. If your company is specialized in something, it’s time to talk about it !
  • Then the last part is about the future. What are the short-term and the long-term projects of the speaker ? Does he want to stay to rise in the hierarchy or quit for another adventure ? And then I ask the speaker to give some tips for people like me that want to work in acoustics.

What do you need ?

Now that you know why you would do that and how it works, I will show you that you don’t need a lot to promote your business and help a young student like me.

I conduct my interviews with Google Hangouts. Hangouts is a software like Skype. You can call contacts in private or organize « Hangouts on Air ». Every Hangout on air is directly uploaded to YouTube. I am using this because I want to embed the videos on the blog when it’s done.


Hangouts Logo

People don’t know a lot about Google Hangouts, so let me explain. Here’s what you need :

  • A Google Account. I bet that almost everybody has a Gmail adress so I don’t think that it’s a problem.
  • A webcam. Once again, almost every computer has a built-in webcam.
  • Earphones to avoid echo. Everybody has a smartphone, so everybody must have earphones.

You might need to download a plugin but the installation is quick and easy.  We need to agree on a time slot and then I send you an invitation. Once you have accepted it, there is nothing to do on your side.

During the interview, I control everything on my side, you just have to talk about you and your company. See, I don’t know if it’s possible to do something easier !

What are you waiting for ?

I really feel that both of us can benefit from these interviews. Whether you have some more questions or you want to take part in this project, just contact me by clicking on icon below !


Send me an e-mail !

2 things to keep in mind

I don’t want a job (now)

The first thing to understand is that I don’t want a job. Most people tell me that their staff is full or that they don’t need interns. But that’s okay because I just want to interview someone about his job !

Of course I want to work in acoustics later on, but that’s not the current problem. Right now, I just want to have a broad vision of all the jobs related to acoustics in the US. When I see all the possibilities that I have, I will be able to chose what I want and then ask for a job.

It doesn’t take a long time.

Some people think finding a time slot for a video interview is time-consumming. Well, I don’t have the answer for this question because some people might be very busy depending on their job in the company. But here is my expreience from the interview with Shimby McCreery.

The interview lasts about 30 minutes. Before and after the interview, I speak a little with the speaker to introduce myself because that’s the first time he or she can really hear and see me. So let’s say 10 more minutes. And finally, assume that there could be some technical problems and the overall time needed for the interview is 1 hour.

You might be busy so I understand that 1 hour can be a lot for you. If it’s really impossible for you, I can give you the questions and I will use your answers for the next interview.

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