In July 2014, I discovered the benefits of mediation. I read a blog post saying that many entrepreneurs would meditate every morning. So I started meditating overnight. Every morning, right after waking up, I would save 20 minutes to meditate. I was using this video. One of the 6 phases of this meditation was to bring to mind things that made me grateful or joyful in the last 24 hours. The idea was to focus on positive things and be grateful to the good things that happen in my life.

Sometimes, I feel alone during this project. Nobody in my school wants to work abroad or in the same field. And nobody has created a blog on how to find an internship like mine. But there are rare people that help me do achieve what I do, on purpose or unconsciously. I would never be there without them, this page is theirs.

  • Thanks to my parents for helping me to make my way through the paperwork I have to do get my visa and their useful advice in general.
  • Thanks to my sisters for being on my side everytime. Your ideas give an added value to my projects.
  • Thanks to Renaud Farlotti for designing the logo of this blog. Your work is the first thing that readers see. And it is wonderful.
  • Thanks to Edward Basanese for being a true mentor during this project and giving me insights of what does the life in the US look like.
  • Thanks to Shimby McCreery for accepting to be interviewed. This was my first interview and I was scared as hell, but I made it and you gave me the energy to continue!
  • Thanks to Sharon Sullivan who hired me for my first internship in California!
  • Thanks to Stephanie and Mark who hosted me during my first internship!
  • Thanks to The Phat Startup team for your wise advice!
  • Thanks to the 2 Apple employees for allowing me to discover one of my favorite companies from the inside.
  • Thanks to TrevorH and pjsr2 for helping me setting up Linux on my PhD computer. You helped me save a lot of time!

This list will be updated regularly, so check out again, your name might appear in the list!

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