Who am I ?

If you’re here, you probably want to know more about me. Alright, I challenged myself to tell my story in 500 words, let’s see if I can make it!

Hi, I’m Corentin! My name derives from an old French word that means “friend” or “family”. It’s common in France, but foreigners often mispronounce it because of the sounds “r” [ʁ], “an” [ã] and “in” [ɛ̃] so Corry is good.

Me in Mulhouse

Me in Septembre 2017 🙂

I like music since I was a kid. After 4 years playing guitar, I played drums for more than 10 years at a music school and in bands with friends. I also produced my own music with my computer. I practice less these days, but music is still important to me.

I was a quite normal student. In high school, I did a lot of math and physics, and I also taught myself basics of computer programming. I first built small websites for friends, started blogging, and went on to code scripts for engineering school projects.

I often feel like I’m in-between music and science. I am not the best musician or researcher, but when one of each talk, I can understand. That’s why I always wanted to combine both. I first wanted to be a sound engineer, to be close to artists while remaining behind a computer. But after some experiences, I realized that it was probably not for me.

I discovered acoustics during high school and I decided to follow this path. After two years of preparatory classes, I got into ENSIM, an engineering school in Le Mans, a major city for acoustics in France. To make my professional profile more attractive, I did internships in London and California.

I first wanted to work in acoustical consulting companies. I wanted to build beautiful concert halls like in Paris or Los Angeles. But one of my teachers told me that in this field, you end up doing more meeting rooms than concert halls, so I changed my mind and chose structural dynamics. After all, whether it’s air or steel, it’s always about vibrations.

I started working in Stuttgart as a Simulation engineer for a Daimler subsidiary. Even if I’m gone, I kept good relationships with my colleagues who eventually became friends. I am currently doing a PhD in France, also about finite elements.

I blog since I was young. I started with a blog about my town. Then I created my own, but my parents made me delete it because they didn’t like my password (yes!). I started my first real blog at 13 to talk about stuff that I liked at that age. I created another one at 17 to talk about my first two years of higher education and published an e-book at the end of it. This one is the fourth one and I might create a fifth one soon.

I like blogging because, as long as you understand that there are rules, it can be a great tool. And as a shy person, it’s nice to have a space where you can speak openly. And now, it can be very easy and cheap to blog. That’s why I’ve always blogged and why you’re reading this!

Okay, Word tells me I’ve reached 500 words! Now you have a better idea of who I am! Hopefully you will like the blog, have fun!


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