PhD Update – Early 2018

Hi everybody 🙂

Though I don’t follow the same pace as when I was at ENSIM, I still like to let you know about what I’m doing now. So I felt that a recap about the last couple of months wouldn’t be bad 🙂

cruise ship

Me right now ahah

Cruising speed reached!

As I said, the whole period from October to December was a bit tough. It was a whole new world for me (new lab, new company, many paperwork to do), I hadn’t all the things I needed to work properly and I was in the bibliographical phase, which was not the most entertaining. But as I said in the last post, things are now back on track and I’m very happy for it!

The first version of my own FE-code is finished. This is a very basic code, but it works fine and it’s a good help to have it because we can use it to compare its results with results coming from commercial software. And when commercial software show limitations, we can go further with my code to try new things out. I was particularly happy to present it to the head of FE at faurecia which seemed interested in it, so that’s great!

For me, this period is pretty important because I can use it to build tools, functions or scripts that I will use later on and that will help me saving time and focusing on the right thigs. My job is not to debug a script, it is to use it to model what I want. So that’s why I take special care to code properly. Plus, all the political disagreements are behind now so it’s easier for everybody to move forward.

The goal for the next weeks and months is to continue in this direction. Thanks to Matlab, I can obtain pretty quickly results that are interesting. That’s actually why Matlab was created, making coding more simple for people who don’t necessarily have a computer science background. And at the end of April, I will present my results to my PhD supervisor, it’s a bit stressful but hopefully it’ll be okay!

Anyway, that was a small post to let you know about what I’m doing. I am still thinking of doing a “revamp” of this site, but I don’t know how should I proceed so I kind of procrastinate on that point for now.

I wish you all a good week-end and will publish a new post in the next weeks if I have something interesting to share!

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