Happy New Year!

Hello everybody, and happy new year! I wanted to take some time to tell you more about the last 3 months and also about my projects for 2018.

PhD Status: Always moving, but sometimes slowly

A PhD starts always with a bibliography phase. The idea is to read as much scientific articles as possible to understand what has already been done in a specific field and how it might be interesting to re-use methods or results in my case. This is a crucial phase because it helps to better understand the PhD topic.

In my case, I read a lot the documentation of the Finite Element (FE) software that I will use, and I also read papers about viscoelasticity because I will probably have to use theories from this area in my works. This is interesting but also very frustrating sometimes: I have been working for more than a year in the industry, where I was always expected to “do something”. But now I haven’t run any FE-simulation since 3 months. Moreover, viscoelasticity is a very new topic for me so it’s hard to understand everything. Meanwhile, I am also building my own FE-model. I like this part because I feel that I’m working on a tangible thing. I lost a bit of time because of inner political disagreements, but now everything is solved so that’s great!

My goals for 2018

Usually, I take some time each year to look back on what I did and see what new goals I want to achieve. I haven’t took the time for 2017 yet but I already know that one of my key goals will be to control my life again. This is a bit weird to explain, but though I did a lot of things recently, I felt I wasn’t the actor of my own life so to say. After a bit of introspection, I realized that when I was in Le Mans, I used to apply the “Getting Things Done” method (inspired by David Allen’s book) to study efficiently, but since then I totally stopped using it. Though school time is over now, I thought about starting again.

For those who are familiar with the method, I installed an app which is my inbox. The idea is to write down every new thing that you want to do so. With this, your brain doesn’t have to spend energy to remember it and therefore you can spend more energy on your current task. Then, when you have time, you can do these tasks or just plan them. I think it helps to have more control over what you do and how, and I also think it can have an impact on other aspects of my life. I have been testing this since mid-december now and I will see if I can continue to use it in 2018!

Regarding this blog, I will probably think about a way to do some improvements because some pages and features are a bit old now, but I haven’t decided what to change and how so I won’t talk about it today.


That’s it for today! Once again, I wish you all a happy new year! A French singer that I like says “Best wishes for health, as for the rest you’ll have to get it by yourself”, so that’s also what I wish you 🙂

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