An update about what I’m doing

I haven’t said much about what I am doing right now, but things have changed since a couple of weeks now! Here’s a post to let you know about what I’m doing right now.

The origin of the theses - PhD comics

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I left Germany for a PhD

After 13 months in Germany, I felt it was the time to go back to France. Many factors account for this decision, here are the main 3:

  • First, many people left the company, among them the one who hired me. After him, I felt that nobody could 100% understand what I could do;
  • Second, I may have overestimated my German-speaking skills and though I knew enough for my work, it felt sometimes hard to create bonds with colleagues;
  • Third, I felt that I had learnt everything I could learn there. I had this feeling that I was at a plateau in terms of skills and that there was no room for self-development.

But though these 3 aspects account for my departure, I have to say that I had a wonderful year there. During these 13 months, I learnt a lot about Finite Elements techniques and standards in the industry, especially with Daimler. I also met a lot of people with different cultures and backgrounds, and I met a lot of friends that I plan to see again soon!

So were am I now?

As I said, I accepted a PhD offer in Alsace, Eastern France. During the next 3 years, I will contribute to the development of a dynamic model of a car seat. I see this as a great opportunity to further improve my skills in simulation, and I clearly see the beneficial impact of my experience in Germany, as I would have never had this PhD without it. Plus, this is also a cooperation between a company (Faurecia, some of you might remember) and a university so I am not losing touch with the industry.

Doing a PhD is a great challenge for me. Last year, it was also an option that I considered even if I finally chose to go and work in Germany. I said no last year because I felt that I would do it just to be considered as a doctor. Now there is a real topic which challenges me and I feel ready for it and surrounded by the right people.

What about the blog?

As it is a cooperation between a company and a university, I won’t tell you a lot about the details and stuff that is going on, but I will probably write some blog posts along the way when I do trainings or when I attend conferences. So be prepared for a long and silent period again, hopefully not that long 😉

By then, all the best to you!

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