Climax of the semester!

Hi everybody! It’s late here in France but I found some time in the weekends to write a post! You’ll see that these days, free time is becoming rare!


Victory is coming!

The most important exams of the semester

I keep saying that, but this year is the final one and I really want to succeed. I want to leave ENSIM and only come back as a proud alumni! This is why I decided to study during the holidays and to stay up even late at night!

Last week was about the theoretical exams of vibroacoustics and modal analysis. I think I did good in vibroacoustics, but I am not so sure about my performance in modal analysis. I have some questions right, I know that I totally missed one question. I hope it won’t be fatal. Anyway, there is nothing I can do about it now!

However, I have some deadlines to meet this week as well! I major signal processing exam and two reports from practical works. These two are very important because my grades will be averaged with my grade in the theoretical exams of last week. So in case I failed the theoretical exams, I’d better write good reports! This is why I spent most of this monday working on Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) on a car model.

As part of my school project with 3D-printed metamaterials, I did measurements with a vibrometer last Monday and this Monday, I wanted to analyze the data with Matlab. This is not the definitive data, but I needed it to understand what are the values measured by the vibrometer and how to draw coherent conclusions from them.

That’s it for this week, I will go to bed now and try to get some sleep before tomorrow!

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