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Hi everybody, did you miss me? I was very busy during the last weekend because I had to prepare a presentation for an exam. When I realized I hadn’t wrote a blog post, I decided it was too late to publish it before today and here we are! Let’s review what I did during the past 2 weeks!

Let's find a good internship!

Let’s find a good internship!

Physical interview for an internship in France

On Friday 11, I had a physical interview for a job in France. It is very important to have opportunities in France as well as in the US because this year, I get a lot of refusals and I really have to do an internship to validate my degree. There was an offer in France that seemed to be very interesting and I applied.

Apparently, the company liked my profile and they wanted me to come for a physical interview with the Head of Innovation and the HR manager. The interview consisted in a talk between them and I to discuss about my experiences and then a little exam with logical questions.

Exams at ENSIM

This academic year is my final one at ENSIM and it is very important for me to have good grades and validate everything before starting my internship. I had a very important presentation to do about my school project. My partner and I had to present our results and our perspectives for the next two months. We don’t know how good we were yet, but it was better than expected so I hope we will have a good grade!

Holiday Season!

And now, this is the holiday season! I have two weeks off to rest and to do some work for school too. This will be great because I will be able to work at my pace and to be ready for the next courses in early January! And this will be also an occasion to celebrate Christmas and the New Year’s Eve with my friends and family!

Nothing less to say for now! I felt sad for Apple for a while, but now I moved on and I want to master this internship before going back to Cupertino … because I will go back to Cupertino! See you next weekend!

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